The purpose of the Ibn Khuldoon National School is to provide students with an advanced educational program that builds on Arab and Islamic values, allowing students to develop in harmony with their culture and tradition, meet the high academic standards of international education, and thus be properly prepared to assume in the future, leading roles at the national and international levels.
The school is national in essence, with openness to an international perspective. It is private, non-profit, self-supporting, coeducational and bilingual at all levels, and open to students without discrimination.
The school is committed to maintaining the balance among the social, personal, intellectual, physical, and esthetic development of students. It strives to help individual students achieve in each area of development to the maximum of their ability, with pride and self-esteem, through effective programs that provide for enrichment and reinforcement, and in which high expectations are set for students and supported by the concern, care, and guidance of the faculty.
The school extends its services to the Bahraini community beyond the education of children, providing staff with professional development opportunities, and setting a model of education that fulfills the needs of the country.