Elementary Curriculum
The instructional program is bilingual, with equal emphasis on Arabic and English, K - 5.

The language courses constitute a main part of the program, and play a major role in the intellectual and social development of students.

The use of library resources plays an important role in learning.

Mathematical and scientific concepts are taught using methods based on manipulation and experimentation, leading to the development of problem solving skills. They are taught in Arabic until the middle of grade 3, when the language of instruction moves gradually to English.

At all levels students participate in a rich program of art, music, and physical education courses, and a wide variety of extracurricular activities.

Trips to various locations in Bahrain complement and enrich the program.

Evaluation of student achievement is based on a continuous assessment plan. Reports are issued three times each school year. Parent - teacher conferences are held after the distribution of the reports to discuss student progress.

Special time is reserved in teachers' schedules to allow for additional conferences with parents.