Admission Procedure

Ibn Khuldoon National School (IKNS) accepts applications for new students in December yearly. The application process opens to grade levels from KG1 to Grade 11.

The Application Form is electronic. Parents interested in applying for their children to join the school can apply through the links found at the end of this page. Please make sure to read through the full procedure before you fill the application form.

Following the receipt of all applications, and upon the availability and allocations of seats per grade level, the Admission Office will send an SMS to the parent advising him/her to proceed to pay the Application Fee via the IKNS payment portal found in links above on the school's website.

Kindly note the following:

  • The Application Fee is non-refundable.
  • The Application Fee does not guarantee an admission offer. It is for processing the application.
  • The Application Fee is only to be paid upon the receipt of an SMS from School. The Admission Office will not contact the parents who paid the non-refundable Application Fee without receiving an SMS from the school advising them to do so.

The parents who receive the SMS and pay the Application Fee within the allocated time frame, will be contacted by the Admission Office inviting their child to do the entrance exams/interviews.

The students applying for KG1 will be doing an entrance interview, and the students applying to KG2 to Grade 11 will be asked to sit for entrance exams. The length of each exam per grade level is shown in the table below.

Grades Entrance Exams / Interviews Duration
KG 1 Interview by appointment 15 minutes
KG 11 Arabic, English, and Mathematics 15 minutes per subject
Grades 1 - 3 Arabic, English, and Mathematics 35-45 minutes per subject
Grades 4 - 5 Arabic, English, and Mathematics 45-55 minutes per subject
Grades 6 - 9 Arabic, English, and Mathematics 90 minutes per subject
Grades 10 - 11 Arabic, English, Mathematics, and Science 90 minutes per subject

The entrance exams/interviews will take place in January for students applying for KG1 to Grade 5 and in February for students applying for grades 6 to 11. The exact dates will be communicated to interested parents at that time.

Admission Follow Up Procedure

All KG1 students who sit for an interview will receive an SMS regarding their application. The SMS will have information regarding the results of the interview, as well as the next steps required to take, if any, to finalize the admissions procedure.

KG2 - Grade 11:
All KG2 to Grade 11 students who sit for the entrance exams will be placed on a waiting list based on their performance on these exams. Based on the results of the Entrance Exams, the Admission Office will notify the parent whether his/her child is to be invited for an interview or not. Offering a student a seat at IKNS depends on the overall performance of the student in the interview and the Entrance Exams, and the parent will be notified accordingly.

Students who were offered seats may proceed with the next steps in the admission procedure as informed by the office.

General Requirements

Parents who are interested in enrolling their children at IKNS should familiarize themselves with the School culture, the educational programs being offered and assessment techniques, etc. The IKNS Brochure is is intended to provide such information. Enrollment at IKNS must be based on appreciation and support of the school's Philosophy, Mission and Vision, Core Values and Graduate Profile. This is necessary for a long term partnership that is based on knowledge, transparency and trust.

For inquiries, please contact Ms. Rima AlKady, Admissions Officer, at 17-780661, Extension 127 or Email:


To apply for KG1, please click here
Application Form KG1, 2024-2025

To apply for a grade level from KG2 to Grade 11, please click here
Application Form KG2-G11, 2024-2025


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