20 June 2022

Dear IKNS Parents,

School Fees for the School Year starting in September 2023

By the end of January 2020, the schools in the Kingdom of Bahrain were wisely instructed by the Ministry of Education to transform the teaching and learning from ‘on campus’ to ‘distance learning’. At that time and before the coronavirus was declared a pandemic, we were hopeful that its impact was temporary.

In the two and a half school years since then, the schools in Bahrain and around the world had to move fast to face new realities. Schools have moral, ethical, philosophical and legal obligations to continue to put ‘education’ on the table, which is a basic necessity to keep the fabric of any society intact. Teachers rose to the challenge and parents turned, in a blink of an eye, into tutors and general practitioners in addition to assuming the many other roles they play.

Institutions and individuals took on the challenge and prevailed. We are now stronger than before and better equipped to tackle future challenges.

We are grateful for the Government of Bahrain, first and foremost, for the health care the esteemed government provided to everyone who lives on this loving island. We also feel for the families and individuals who suffered the inevitable and pray for those who departed this world.

We are also grateful for the financial support the esteemed government provided us with. Whether it is waving the water and electricity bills for three months or the wage support for Bahraini members of the faculty and staff. This was indeed helpful and kept us afloat.

The school was able to minimize and cut down on expenses on many fronts. Yet there were also several other expenses, hidden and direct.

We upgraded our learning management systems and IT services to continue to offer the teaching and learning, both on campus and virtually. We continued to provide the infirmary support to all students, faculty and staff to the best of our ability. We kept the school environment safe, clean and healthy for the students to enjoy learning and the teachers to teach. This school year, we resumed all school activities and encouraged all students to attend classes on campus. We also kept the distance learning option ongoing for the students and families who wanted to continue using it. I am glad to inform you that the on campus attendance in the fourth quarter of this school year was 95%.

We also continued with our strategic plans and were able to receive the authorization of the International Baccalaureate to offer the Primary Years Programme and later the Middle Years Program.

With regards to the school fees, the initial plan was to apply an increase for the school year starting in September 2022. However, the Board of Directors took a decision early this school year to keep the fees unchanged for another school year. We appreciate that families and businesses were impacted by the coronavirus and we do not want to add to their financial burdens. At the same time, to continue with the services we offer, we must apply an increase in the fees for the school year 2023-2024, which starts in September 2023. We believe that giving the parents over a year's notice would help them better manage their financial plans.

Currently, we have a chunk of the fees that are due. I strongly urge the parents who have not paid their due fees to do so at their earliest convenience. The Business Office will continue to be open during the summer holiday if you want to drop by. Also, we will share with you soon a safe and secure payment gateway to facilitate the payment of fees.

I wish you a pleasant and restful summer holiday and look forward to seeing you back on campus in September 2022.

Kind regards,

Dr. Kamal Abdel-Nour
School President


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