May 2017 IKNS IB Results

This year we celebrated the largest group of IB Diploma students in the history of the school. Fifty-two students obtained the IB Diploma with a pleasing pass rate of 98%. The highest diploma score was 40 points this session, the average Diploma score was 32 points and the average subject grade for Diploma students was 5.13. We are proud of all students who challenged themselves and were able to meet the different demands of this rigorous programme.

Congratulations to the fifty-two students who fulfilled all requirements of the IB Diploma. Special congratulations go the twenty students who achieved a distinguished Diploma score between 34 and 40 points, and of course to the students who obtained the highest diploma scores: Lulwa Mohamed AlKhalifa, Faisal Moemen AlReefy, Fahad Mohamed AlKhaja and Khalifa Humood AlKhalifa.

Thirty-nine course candidates obtained certificates in one or more IB subjects, achieving good grades. English, Math and Visual Arts were popular IB subjects with these candidates. Course candidates also registered for IB examinations in Physics, Chemistry, Arabic B and Film.

We wish all our graduates continued success in their higher education!

May 2017 IKNS IB Results per Subject

Table 1 shows the analysis of the May 2017 results per subject. The number of IKNS candidates who sat for each subject, the number of students achieving each grade (out of 7), and the IKNS and worldwide average grades for each subject.

Theory of Knowledge:

The TOK results were excellent this year. All students passed with five students achieving “A”, fifteen students achieving “B”, thirty-one students achieving “C”, two students achieving “D”, and none of the students achieving “E”.

Extended Essays:

The extended essays were written in eleven different subjects and it was pleasing to see many original and interesting topics researched. Table 2 shows the numbers of students who did their extended essay in each subject and the grades they obtained.

Historical Comparison of the IKNS IB Results with the Worldwide results

The bar charts below compare the IKNS results (maroon) with the World results (grey) in terms of the Mean Point Scores in the IB Diploma, the Pass Rate in the IB Diploma and the Average Grade obtained.

Historical Analysis of the IKNS IB Results

The table below shows an analysis of the IKNS IB results since the year 1992 when the first group of IKNS students sat for the IB examinations.



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